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Save time and money with Allockate

Available 24/7

Our platform ensures that you can find the perfect trailer whenever you need it, day or night.

No papers

Download the app, acquaint yourself with the rental rules, and register conveniently from your phone, wherever you are.

Don’t overpay

Use the trailer for as long as you need, and pay only for the time you actually use it.

Contactless rental

The trailers are equipped with an electronic Bluetooth coupling lock that is opened using a mobile app.


Quickly find the nearest and most suitable trailer from our selection. Make a fast comparison of prices and other trailer specifications.


Our support team is ready to assist you with any questions or support you may need.

Easy trailer rental with our app

Enjoy the convenience of browsing, selecting, and booking trailers right from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. With transparent pricing, a wide range of trailers, and immediate support, we ensure a comfortable rental experience. Download Allockate now and make your next rental experience better.

How to rent an Allockate trailer?

From downloading the app to renting a trailer in a few minutes.

Download the Allockate app and register

Choose the trailer you want, reserve it, and proceed to pick it up

Unlock the smart lock with your phone

Be on your way!

Available trailers

Brentex BREN3015 with cover

A trailer with a tippable cargo box and a protective cover that shields your cargo from wind and outdoor weather. This is our most popular type of trailer.

Brentex BREN3015

A trailer with a tippable cargo box featuring drop-down front and rear hatches. This is the most economical type of trailer, both in terms of rental price and fuel consumption.

Brentex BREN4015-2

Long-base trailer with a tippable cargo box featuring drop-down front and rear hatches. This trailer is suitable for transporting larger and longer cargo.

Are you missing a specific trailer type or in need of a trailer nearby? Contact us

Improve your trailer fleet with Allockate

We can assist you in reducing your workforce, enhancing customer feedback, and optimizing fleet management. Allockate offers a comprehensive trailer rental solution, including management systems and all necessary technology. Explore our trailer rental partners section to learn more.

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